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Meredith,I LOVE the candid fun glimpses you caught of my teenaged son! When I challenged you with a serious teenaged boy who hated cameras, you responded with a positive, never flinching, "how does Tuesday work for you?" Thanks for making it such a fun experience, while capturing the essence of who he is as he embarks on his senior year in high school!Many thanks, Laura

Meredith!Danny and I are losing our minds..these are all so amazing!! The way you edited them ..everything is only problem is I am running out of wall space to hang pictures ..this place is going to look like a George shrine or a Meredith Mooney photography studio :) We cannot thank you enough..Danny got up early this morning and downloaded ALL of them to his zip drive and is taking them to work..he is a proud papa! I told him to promote you around Cummins :)Thank you so ya! Jilly, Danny and george!

Wow, I absolutely love every single pic!!!! You do amazing're so talented and a lot of fun. Didn't even feel like we we're taking family pics. I cant express how excited I am about these pictures!!!! Thanks again sweetie :)

2016 Meredith Mooney Photography